Technology innovation with advanced Technology create the future


2014 ~ 2020

  • Exporting RTP to China
  • Exporting LPCVD & Furnace to Turkey
  • Launched new model of RTP
  • Developed nano structure deposiotion equipment
  • Developed peroviskite solarcell equipment
  • Exporting ICP RIE to Russia
  • Exporting LED equipment(ICP RIE, E beam evaporator, RTP) to Malaysia

2009 ~ 2013

  • Exporting LPCVD system to Malaysia
  • Launched E-beam evaporator system for LED production
  • Launched Diffusion furnace for Solar cell production
  • Exporting SPUTTER & THERMAL, E-beam evaporator system to Russia
  • Exporting Wet bench to India
  • Extended FAB-2
  • Launched PECVD system for Solar cell production
  • Launched Wet bench system for Solar cell production
  • Launched Turnkey Line for Silicon Solar cell production
  • Launched RIE system for Solar cell production
  • Launched Roll to Roll Sputter system for flexible thin film coating
  • Participate in 2013 Shenzhen International Touchscreen Exhibition

2004 ~ 2008

  • Exporting E-beam evaporator system for mass production to China
  • Develop PR Spray & Spin coater for manufacture of 3D Integrated micro system
  • Participate in SEMICON CHINA 2006 exhibition
  • Exporting the LPCVD/Furnace system to India
  • Launched new model of E-beam evaporator system (SEE-7)
  • Launched new model of Asher system (EURA-200)

1999 ~ 2003

  • Nominated for Venture Company from SMBA (SMBA : Small & Medium Business Administration)
  • Launched the in-situ double-side metal coating system for mass production
  • Appointed Leading Small & Medium Company by Daegu city
  • Moved to the new building in Daegu High-tech zone (Clean room of class 1,000)
  • Appointed INNO-BIZ Company by SMBA
  • Awarded New Generation Leading Technology Company from Daegu Techno Park
  • Exporting Sputter system for mass production to Indonesia


  • Founded ULTECH Co.