Deposition materials Oxide materials, TCO materials, Metal materials
Substrate size Piece to 8 inch
Product yield 1 cassette (25wafers/ run)
Sputter gun size 4inch to 12 inch
No. of Process Chamber Up to 5 nos. PM
Transfer chamber Vacuum robot
Cassette chamber 1 cassette
Plasma power RF, DC or Pulsed DC power
Pressure control Auto pressure control (throttle valve and baratron gauge)
Process gases Ar, O2, N2
Substate Temperature RT to Max. 450℃
Vacuum pump TMP or Cryo pump + Rotary pump or Dry pump
Ultimate pressure < 5.0E-7 Torr
Option Substrate rotation, Substrate cooling, Plasma cleaning, Substrate temperature max.650℃
Control PC control (UPRO software)