Thermal ALD / PEALD
Process Metal : Ru, Ti, Co, …
Oxide : Al2O3 , HfO2, TiO2, SnO2, NiOx , ZnO, ZrO, SiO2,RuO,...
Nitride : TiN, TaN,..
Substrate Size Piece to Max. 12 inch
Source injection Dual type showerhead
Substrate heater temperature RT to Max. 450℃ (@ wafer)
No of precursor canister Up to 4 sets
Canister heating RT to 150℃
RF power 600W @13.56Mhz
Ultimate pressure ≤ 5.0×10-3 Torr
Pump Dry pump or Rotary pump
Loadlock chamber 1 wafer to Max. 10 wafers
Gas Supply 3 channels (Extensible)
Deposition uniformity ≤ ±3 %
System control PC control (UPRO software)
Option Canister temperature 200℃, Cassette type loadlock
Dimension (w*d*h) 2,000mm*650mm*1,400mm