Real RTP-Mini


Application Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)
Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO)
Rapid Thermal Nitridation (RTN)
Rapid Thermal Diffusion (RTD)
Ohmic Contact Annealing
Product Sample Si, Sapphire, Glass, Ceramic, etc.
Substrate Size Piect to Max. 3inch or 50mm*50mm
Substrate Holder Quartz
Temperature Range 150~1,200℃
Heating Rate 10~50℃/sec
Control Zone 1-Zone
Temperature Accuracy ≤ ±3℃
Temperature Repeatability ≤ ±3℃
Vacuum Standard : ATM Option : 5.0E-3 Torr
Gas Supply Option : Up to 3 process gas lines with digital MFC or Flow meter
Control Manual control by Push Button (Include USB communication port)
Dimension (w*d*h) 400mm*500mm*270mm or 650mm*450mm*250mm
Weight 25kg to 55Kg