Wet bench



Application RCA Cleaning Bench
Etching Bench
Develop Bench
Solvent Bench
Si wet etch
Membrane & Micro channel formation
V -Groove
Product Sample Si, Sapphire, Glass, Ceramic, etc.
Substrate Size 4inch to Max. 8 inch
Wafer handle Cassette type
Chemical Bath PTFE, Quartz or SUS316L
Chemical heating Max. 150℃
Sonic Ultrasonic or Megasonic
QDR N2 bubble, DI supply, DI shower, overflow
Option Chemical circulation
Cassette agitator
LCSS(Local Chemical Supply System)
Auto fire extinguisher
DI generator
Wet scrubber
Wafer and Cassette dryer
Wet scrubber.
Control PC control or PLC control